Conversación natural e Inteligencia Artificial

En el campo de la Inteligencia Artificial Conversacional, la conversación natural se ha convertido, durante los últimos años, en el material de trabajo básico tanto para los ingenieros de software como para los diseñadores de experiencias de usuario.

Sin embargo, aunque nuestros esfuerzos profesionales comunes se centran en el modelado de conversaciones humano-máquina que resulten satisfactorias tanto para el usuario como para el sistema, todavía hoy, la mayoría de los profesionales del sector parten, en su labor, de un entendimiento bastante incompleto sobre las características propias de la conversación humana.

El libro en el que he trabajado durante el último…

Goodbye September!

In a recent interview, I was asked once again what I normally read on the topic of Conversational Artificial Intelligence to keep myself inspired. Since it is a question that I have received many times, I have decided to start sharing my most relevant readings of each month or those contents that, in some way, remained more present in my mind though the flow of information.

My main themes for September are ethical approaches to human-to-machine conversations, multimodal chatbots, user communication styles with automations, and perceptions and motivations of using chatbots and voice assistants.

The last article of the month…

1. Current Problems in Conversational UX Design

The last six months have been a pretty busy time in the Conversational UX (CUX) scene in Germany and the UK. I’ve taken part in lots of exciting courses and events related to conversational interfaces and have had the chance to speak with dozens of colleagues from across the world about recent developments in the field.

As a CUX researcher myself, I usually teach and speak about the application of linguistics in the design of conversational interfaces, focusing on my areas of specialization in Conversation Analysis (CA), Pragmatics, and Ethnography of Communication (in another post, I’ve talked about the huge…

If you are creating a dialog for the VUI of an Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) or a chatbot, your main philosophy must be to implement a customer-centered voice solution. For a voice experience (or even for a multi-modal experience guided by voice), such goal maps into the following main design actions:

  1. Create a conversational interaction as natural as possible
  2. Think about the problem that needs to be solved
  3. Define a persona for the IPA/chatbot
  4. Provide the IPA/chatbot with conversational memory
  5. Contextualize universals in a natural way

1. Create a Conversational Interaction as Natural as Possible

Machine, I don’t understand you

Tacit knowledge, Intention and Order in Conversation

In an earlier post, we introduced Conversation Analysis (CA) as the sociolinguistic discipline concerned with the systematic study of what is known, in general terms, as interactive talk or talk-in-interaction and, more explicitly, everyday or spontaneous conversation.

CA approaches the study of the conversation from three interconnected theoretical assumptions:

  1. The core importance of tacit knowledge processes in the creation of meaning during interaction.
  2. The consideration of utterances as actions.
  3. The principle that conversation is sequentially organized.

These three concepts guide the researcher across understanding conversation. In the field of human-to-machine interaction, they can also be adopted by VUI designers as…

The Interactive and Situated Character of Daily Conversation

In Conversation Analysis (CA), we use the terms ‘interactive talk’ or ‘talk-in-interaction’ to refer to a particular type of spontaneous everyday conversation. Interactive talk doesn’t just involve two people taking turns to say something, with the listener paying attention only to the verbal content of what is said. Rather, interactive talk is orderly and situated communication. It draws its meaning from the way speech is structured and from the context in which it is produced, as well as from the words that are said. …

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